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Below Test Depth by Moses Pollard

Below Test Depth

by Moses Pollard

218 pages
The Bermuda Triangle tries to destroy a nuclear submarine

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural
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About the Book
Neither the Viet Nam war nor the Cold war had ever claimed victory over a nuclear powered submarine. Yet in the gripping chain of events in the midst of a the most mysterious region in the world, commonly referred to as the “Devils Triangle”, the U.S.S. George Bancroft, SSBN-643(G) struggled to avoid her death trap.

What lies beneath the deep dark waters of the “Bermuda Triangle” remains an unsolved mystery even today. The ocean floor of this mysterious region is littered with the scattered remains of downed air planes and ships. Many of these vessels seemed to have just vanished in thin air, without a trace of them ever located. One entire squadron of airplanes out of Florida met their demise while on routine patrol over this region. Ships with very sophisticated navigational equipment have been mysteriously pulled off their intended course only to be located far away from their destinations. Reports from the United States Coast Guard do not offer answers to why some of these vessels just seem to disappear.

On that day in 1976, 130 souls onboard the nuclear powered submarine USS George Bancroft were in a battle for their lives. This book is based on the true account of the events that lead up to the George Bancroft’s deep dive which drove them to a depth well below the shipbuilders designed “test depth”. The stakes could not have been any higher than those that caused a near death fire in the ship’s engine room, mutiny by a crew member, strange unexplainable occurrences throughout the ship and fear by crew members of the Triangles seemingly supernatural power.

Only the undeniable faith in God by these brave sailors could have saved them from the inevitable fate of her predecessors the USS Thrasher and the USS Scorpion (the only two nuclear powered submarines ever lost at sea).

Below test depth will challenge your beliefs between good and evil. It will cause you to question whether or not if given the opportunity you would succumb to the gripping fear of the unknown in the deep dark waters of the “Devil’s Triangle.” What would you do if every effort to survive tragic events fail and your situation seems hopeless?

This unexplainable and unpredictable region of the world holds some devastating secrets that no man can explain.


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About the Author
Moses Pollard During the Viet Nam War, Moses served as a Quartermaster on the USS George Bancroft SSBN 643. Moses has a Bachelors degree and is a Graduate degree candidate. Moses is a retired widower with one son. He resides in Virginia where he heads a worldwide mission ministry.



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