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The Gospel According to Elihu by Moses Pollard

The Gospel According to Elihu

by Moses Pollard

118 pages
The life of Job in the Bible illustrates the frailty of man, the complexities of life and the undeniable love of God for his people. It teaches us to look past our short comings by placing our trust on God to provide and care for us.

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About the Book
In the biblical days, there was not a man who was greater than Job. Job was a very wealthy man with seven sons and three daughters, he possessed more than anyone in the land of Uz. Job was a man of God who lived a blessed life, protected under Godís divine power.

In the heavenly realm beyond the scope of Jobís understanding, there were conversations between God and Satan. While God maintained great confidence in Jobís ability to stay true to the faith, He continued to allow Satan access to destroy the blessings which God had given him. Godís instruction to Satan was that he was allowed to do adverse things to Job, but he was not allowed to take his life.

Job meanwhile was enjoying the good life, unaware of Satanís plans to destroy him. At once tragedy struck Jobís life from all directions, causing him to lose his children and his wealth in a short period of time. While grieving over the loss of his loved ones and dealing with the realization that he was now destitute, Jobís health rapidly declined to a point of turning him into an emaciated relic of his former self.

While Job was suffering due to undue duress from all of the calamites of his present world, he could no longer feel the presence of God. In the twenty-third chapter of the book of Job, we find that the main character is very distraught over the absence of God in his time of trouble. Job said; ďIf only I knew where I could find God! I would go where he lives.Ē Job begins to wonder if he will ever find God again. Job said that he could not find God in the north, south east or west.

Several of Jobís friends came to visit him, but would become a snare and a stumbling block in his life by their accusatory words against Job and the sovereignty of God. These three men sat beside Job in his time of distress without offering any words of encouragement.

A young friend of Job listened intently over a period of days until finally he began to speak out against their ignorance about Godís sovereignty and love of God toward His people. Elihu, brings a very different perspective into the discussion which changed Jobís attitude toward God.

The Gospel According to Elihu is a look into how we sometimes view God from a very dim self-righteous vantage point rather than from Godís sovereign position. In this book, we will discover that because of Godís supernatural advantage, He sees all and knows all even when our eyes are blinded by the disguise of the earthly realm. This book teaches us to trust God while we are going through tough times because behind the Curtin blanketing our vison, God is orchestrating it all. If ever you have questioned God in any aspect of your life, this book is a must read to help you understand His undying love and commitment to the preservation of His saints.

Elihuís message to saints today is so needed because it is truly ďgood news,Ē for daily living. It is good news for our peace of mind and comfort during loss. It is a compass during feelings of hopelessness and a guide to steer us back on course and to do so while believing in Godís sovereign power. The Gospel or ďgood news,Ē is that God does not lie and He have said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. It is not God who brings about destruction in the lives of saints. When trouble comes, God have already given us the written word to combat any and all things naturally or supernaturally. Yes, there is good news and the good news is the gospel according to Elihu.


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About the Author
Moses Pollard Moses Pollard is an ordained Pastor in Virginia and a world evangelist. He has ministered in seven countries and have built churches in four of those countries. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in world Religion and a Masterís Degree in Church ministry.



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