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Last Call for Alcohol: Healing a Marriage Harmed by Alcohol Abuse by Susan Erling Martinez

Last Call for Alcohol: Healing a Marriage Harmed by Alcohol Abuse

by Susan Erling Martinez

120 pages
Dealing with and recovering from the effects of a mate's alcoholism.

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Category: Self Help:Addiction
About the Book
This book is for everyone who has ever loved an alcoholic.

Last Call for Alcohol is the story of how the author met and married her soulmate, only to find out a few months after the nuptials that he was a certifiable alcoholic.

This is not a traditional recovery book, far from it. More accurately, Last Call for Alcohol is a spiritual adventure.

This is a story about a marriage that never should have happened, lasted, or triumphed. It contains all of the elements found in a good R-rated movie: sex, violence, crime, rampant addiction, out-of-control emotions, a colorful Latin hero, a spirited blonde heroine, a villain named Lord Alcohol, and dazzling angels.

Even better, it has a happy or at least hopeful ending.

It describes what the author refers to as "secondhand alcoholism", which often occurs in people too close to an active alcohol. New Age and alternative healing methods are suggested to overcome these negative thoughts, feelings, and habits, and reclaim a lost sense of Self.

Some chapters include:

+ Fatefully Yours
+ On the Lip of Insanity
+ Exorcizing the Demons
+ The Lioness Within
+ Rehab is for Quitters
+ and Life Without Alcohol


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About the Author
Susan Erling Martinez Susan Erling Martinez is the author of Last Call for Alcohol, Angels & Dreams, Life-Guard, and Safe & Sound. She is a certified hypnotherapist, black belt, and a pioneer is the field of assisting people who have experienced a childbearing loss.



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