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Across the Waters of Time: Pliny Remembered by Ken Parejko

Across the Waters of Time: Pliny Remembered

by Ken Parejko

444 pages
Roman author Pliny the Elder remembers his rich, remarkable life.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Most lives go mostly unremembered.

Most, if not all, deserve remembering.

We remember from ancient times Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Nero. Lesser-known than these, Pliny the Elder lived and moved at the center of the first century’s pivotal events. Cavalry officer in Germany and Judea, fiscal administrator in Syria, Spain and North Africa, in his encyclopedic Natural History he was one of the first to remind us we must care for the earth.

In Judea while one religion was being born he witnessed the brutal destruction of another, more ancient. In what came to be known as the Year of Four Emperors he joined his countrymen in embracing the common-sense populism of his friend Vespasian’s rule. Admiral of the Roman fleet, in a scene reminiscent of firemen charging up the Twin Towers he led his ships toward disaster and his death on August 25, 79 C.E.

Here in his own words Pliny remembers his times and a life rich with conflict and meditation, intellectual insight and political maneuvering, the sweet intimacy of family life and a late romance.


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About the Author
As a biology professor Dr. Ken Parejko shared his love of science and nature with thousands of students. He’s published another historical novel (“Remember Me Dancing,” Badger Books) and a summary of what we know about monarch butterflies (Monarch of the Butterflies, Booklocker.) He lives in rural northern Wisconsin.



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