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Monarch of the Butterflies by Ken Parejko

Monarch of the Butterflies

by Ken Parejko

158 pages
Describes the life of the monarch butterfly in interesting detail.

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Category: Science
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About the Book
Monarch of the Butterflies describes in detail the life-story of this, one of the best-known and most-loved of nature’s creatures. In it the author introduces us to what we’ve learned from and about the monarch through science, literature and art. Included is the fascinating story of the monarch's annual journey to Mexico's highland forests, what factors are threatening monarch populations, and what we can do as individuals to help preserve the monarch and its incredible migration. The book also features a comprehensive list of resources about the monarch butterfly, and more than 200 references to relevant scientific and other literature.


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About the Author
In his college Biology classes Dr. Ken Parejko shared with his students his passion for nature and especially monarch butterflies. He’s published an historical novel (“Remember Me Dancing”) and is finishing another about the Roman author and naturalist Pliny the Elder. He lives in rural northern Wisconsin.



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