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Dr. K. There's No Place That's...Home by E.J. Crews

Dr. K. There's No Place That's...Home

by E.J. Crews

500 pages
Dr. K. and allies, targeted by global power brokers.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
In this the second episode of the Dr. K. series, those close to the man find that they too are now in the crosshairs of powerful global interests. Lou and Miranda pay a high price for being friends and supporters of Dr. K. Julie and those actively promoting his Work Unit program,(WU) are set upon by ‘terrorists’ in a staged attack. Brian fears this event is only the first of many, causing him to seek out a powerful ally to protect Dr. K.

But one of Dr. K’s most vocal detractors, Senator Clarke, solicits his own ally in his crusade against WU, in the person of the Omni Orion Group’s, (OOG), new chairman, Mr. Coates. This man, (handpicked expressly for his talent of suppressing populist movements) sees the Senator as a way to eradicate WU, along with Dr. K. To this end, he pledges the global media giant’s resources in support of the presidential aspirations of the young Senator. Installing an anti-WU politician in The White House becomes OOG’s highest priority.

In the midst of it all Dr. K. retreats to the ‘Kai Hau’. The great yacht becomes both his floating sanctuary and a makeshift fortress. With it, he evades his pursuers from the Mediterranean Sea, to the East Coast of America, to the waters of Panama and beyond. He even uses its stealth capabilities, rescuing his lost love from Germany, in a daring midnight operation.


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About the Author
Born in the USA, now living in New Zealand.



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