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DR. K. - All That Glistens Is...Time by E.J.Crews

DR. K. - All That Glistens Is...Time

by E.J.Crews

394 pages
Dr. K. makes paper currencies and banks obsolete!

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
Marginalized by his peers, for his radical beliefs, Dr. K is inspired by a small group of university students to rejoin the battle of ideas after many years. They take action after hearing his revolutionary theory of a digital substitute for currency. If universally adopted, his Work Unit, (WU) could replace all of the world’s failing currencies.

But once Julie and the other students prove Dr. K’s theory is viable, they elicit the unwanted attention of the global elite’s assorted minions: the Department of Defense, the U.S. Senate and the multi-national media empire of the Omni Orion Group, (OOG). Each sets in motion countermeasures, intended to bury the movement, before it gains popular support.

Lou, (Julie’s father and an OOG reporter), pens a favorable article on Dr. K and becomes swept up in the WU juggernaut. When he encounters a society girl at a Newport party, he learns the extent of the powers in opposition to both WU and Dr. K. It is only the first of many encounters with this deceptive and ruthless foe.

So begins this first episode in Dr. K’s journey that takes him from the mansions of Newport, RI to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Iceland, Hawaii, New Zealand and a tiny, uncharted, island in the South Pacific. This traveler has much more than his horizons broadened by this trek though, as his life and the world around him are forever changed by it.


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About the Author
Born in the USA, now living in New Zealand.



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