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Which Witch Is Which? (Book Two) Inside the Rainbow by Judith E Webb

Which Witch Is Which? (Book Two) Inside the Rainbow

by Judith E Webb

165 pages
The adventure continues in this tale of magic and illusions.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
With Lisaís memory having been erased by her aunts and the sudden return of the evil twins in her century, Cerberus knows that he is going to have to be very persuasive if he wants to get her out of the house before they find her. First he must convince her that she knows him and that her life is in danger, and then he has to inform her that sheís a witch and get her to use the family ring to take them to the safety of the rainbow, and he must accomplish all of this without revealing the real truth about why he was bringing her there. He certainly was not looking forward to babysitting a stubborn untrained witch again, especially not after his last experience with her, and thatís why he was coming prepared this time. Oh yeah, this time he had a plan...

Lisa is terrified when she is awakened in the middle of the night to the feel of duck-tape being stretched over her mouth by a strange bearded little man who was no bigger than one of her old dolls. But as she listens to him chatter on and on about how he is there to rescue her from two wicked witches and an evil old wizard who were planning to kidnap her, she determines that she is simply having a nightmare and all she wants to do is go back to sleep to make him go away. Itís not until she hears a bump up against the outside of the house and sees the tip of a ladder appear at her bedroom window that she realizes this nightmare has only just begun.

With the evil trio now in the house and her aunt nowhere to be found, Lisa has no choice but to leave with the little man, a decision she soon regrets when she steps into the rainbow and discovers that it is anything but safe as her new friend had claimed. From giant bugs, to ugly trolls and a tomb that is riddled with death traps, she must now learn to use her powers if she wants to survive. Unfortunately, she just canít seem to get any of her spells right, and now as she begins to remember the little man, she is certain that he has been lying to her as to why he brought her there and even more certain that her aunts were involved up to their necks!

With things going from bad to worse for them in the tunnels of the tomb, Cerberus is finding it very hard to keep her from using the ring to leave, and to keep her from learning his secret despite the truth spell she has put on him. Heís not sure how long heíll last under that kind of pressure, but thereís one thing he does know, if they ever get out of the tomb alive he is never babysitting her again, ever!


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About the Author
Judith Webb began writing at the young age of twelve. A psychic once told her that her grandmother's spirit stood over her while she wrote, and that in fact her grandmother was writing through her. Perhaps that explains why when she puts her pen to paper the magic begins...



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