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Which Witch Is Which?  Book One  (Double Trouble) by Judith E Webb

Which Witch Is Which? Book One (Double Trouble)

by Judith E Webb

161 pages
White magic versus black in this comedy adventure novel.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Lisa is afraid of most everything, especially witches, so when an unstamped letter floats into the house through an open window next to where she is sitting, only to shoot across the floor of the salon to land at her aunt’s feet as if it knew where it was going, she is very suspicious that magic is involved, and that her Aunt Harriett, who has always insisted that witches do not exist, was in fact up to her neck in witchcraft!

Harriett knows exactly what her niece is thinking and quickly realizes that not only will she have to come up with a believable explanation for the magical letter, but she will also have to inform her that one of her long dead aunts has miraculously come back to life, and then convince her to come along on this trip to visit her! It was going to take some well placed white lies to do it of course, but it was for her niece’s own safety after all.

Unfortunately, the trip turns out to be anything but safe when they are kidnapped at the train station by an evil witch and taken back to the seventeenth century in a taxi where they end up getting arrested for being witches themselves when Harriett’s cell phone starts barking. Thrown into jail, and then rescued by the two wicked witches who brought them there in the first place and who have their own diabolical plan for them, leaves Harriett worrying over how much longer she’ll be able to keep her secret from her niece, and has Lisa wondering if they will ever get back home alive!


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About the Author
Judith Webb began writing at the young age of twelve. A psychic once told her that her grandmother’s spirit stood over her while she wrote, and that in fact her grandmother was writing through her. Perhaps that explains why when she puts her pen to paper the magic begins...



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