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Polishing Your Prose: How to Write Better by Bill Vossler

Polishing Your Prose: How to Write Better

by Bill Vossler

75 pages
Discover advantages for your writing when you learn to rewrite.

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Category: Writing
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About the Book
Polishing Your Prose: How to Write Better, is the first book ever to show in great detail, step by step, not only HOW to rewrite, but WHAT to rewrite, and WHY. The book illustrates how to choose words that will work best in your writing, and make your writing sing. The pages brim with suggestions on how to get your writing ship out of port.

The book explains the advantages of rewriting--and the disadvantages of not reworking your writing. It discusses ridding your writing of redundant words, eliminating useless words, how to narrow the noun and choose the exact verb, supercharging your writing engine.

The book, written by a 30-year veteran of the freelance-writing wars, with 3,000 published credits, including 15 books, shows you how to deal with writer's block and controlling your internal censor, using figurative or poetic language, deleting adjectives and adverbs--in short, how to write better.


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About the Author
A full time writer for 30 years, Bill Vossler has published nearly 3,000 articles, essays, short stories, poems, nostalgia pieces, and 15 books. He has taught in Writer-in-Residence programs in dozens of schools, as well as fiction and nonfiction classes for adults. He credits his success with learning how to rewrite.



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