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The Writing Life: Do You Have What It Takes? by Bill Vossler

The Writing Life: Do You Have What It Takes?

by Bill Vossler

128 pages
A primer on how to enter the Writing World.

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Category: Writing
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About the Book
The Writing Life: Do You Have What It Takes? holds open the door to the inner workings of the Writing World, and allows you to enter, no matter what stage you occupy in your writing career. The Writing Life shows you how to develop what it takes.

Based on the author's 33 years of freelance writing and 2,900 publications, including 14 books, The Writing Life illustrates how to implement the most important aspect of a writing career, rewriting, (adhering to Hemingway's dictum that there is not writing, but only rewriting.)

The book also details how to improve your writing in two easy steps, exposes little-known secrets (you as expert, thinking like a writer, for example), eviscerates useless canards ("Show, don't tell" which more accurately should be "Tell And Show"; or "Write what you know", more aptly "Write what you want to know"), as well as helping you avoid other false trails and dead ends of trial and error that steal time and energy from your writing life.

The Writing Life also teaches you what is grist for the writing mill, how to solve problems creating, your writing space, getting ideas, writing every day (and the penalties for not writing daily,) what to write if you want to make money, saying no to disruptives, dealing with self-doubt, rejection, muses, personal interior censors, inspiration, and much much more, using anecdotes and examples from the author's writing life.

The Writing Life also deals with an extremely important aspect of freelance writing that has never been dealt with before in any depth: the required psychology of the freelance writer, and the effects of freelancing on the writer.

In The Writing Life you will find practical and useful information for writers of every type and every level--fiction, nonfiction, essay, poetry, short story, novel, book-length nonfiction, articles, memoir. The Writing Life is a book discussing what to write, how to write, when to write, where to write to create your own freelance writing career, and a challenging life filled with the joys of creation.


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About the Author
During 33 years of freelancing, Bill Vossler has published 2,900 articles, essays, poems, short stories, interviews, one play, and fourteen books, one nominated for the Minnesota Book Award. He has taught writing at all levels, K-Adult, and has been a popular speaker reading his "childhood stories" at Unitarian Fellowships.



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