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The Main Course on Table Service Instructors Manual by David Rothschild

The Main Course on Table Service Instructors Manual

by David Rothschild

130 pages
Waiter/waitress training instructor guide

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About the Book
The Instructor's Manual to accompany The Main Course on Table Service shares David Rothschild's time-tested methods of teaching professional restaurant service to even the most inexperienced staff. He has used these techniques for more than two decades to train servers ranging from entry-level high school students to seasoned professionals.

The guide contains these elements relating to each chapter of The Main Course on Table Service:

Training Methods and Goals -- Suggestions for how instructors can use the information in each chapter of the book to teach specific service techniques or to help develop appropriate service behavior and attitudes. The "goal" section summarizes what the trainee should learn from each chapter.

Vocabulary -- Definitions of terms used in The Main Course on Table Service that may not have been explained in detail in the book itself. Also includes some historical information and details how certain terms relate to restaurant service.

Activities -- Specially designed exercises to reinforce learning of the chapters' key elements. The variety of activities includes written, oral, role-playing -- and even cooking! They're meant to keep the trainees' attention and interest while driving home the important points. They also help build camaraderie among group members. David has used these exercises in his own classes and seminars with great success.

Quizzes -- Each section of the Instructor's Manual contains a quiz relating the material in that chapter of The Main Course on Table Service. Quizzes range from multiple choice to essays to practicals in which students are asked to exhibit the skills they've learned. An answer key for each quiz appears at the end of the Instructor's Manual.

Please note: This Instructor's Manual was written to be used in conjunction with The Main Course on Table Service and is not designed to be used as a stand-along training tool.


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About the Author
David Rothschild David Rothschild has been a server, maitre d', manager and service trainer for four decades and is currently a service instructor in a high school culinary arts program in Phoenix. He is co-owner of EATiQuette waitstaff training and dining etiquette seminars and author of The Main Course on Table Service.



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