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ORA'S QUEST by Debbi Weitzell


by Debbi Weitzell

178 pages
Ora is a young woman with a longing for more...

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book

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Ora is a young woman with a longing for more. She leaves the little forest village of Dynora under the watchful care of the mystic Alya to seek her calling in life. Though she feels she has prepared for the journey, she soon finds herself pitted against nature in deadly struggles. She is also introduced to a people and a way of life that she never dreamed existed. Unfortunately, with this discovery comes a threat that could destroy everything.


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About the Author
Debbi Weitzell Debbi has been writing most of her life. She loves words—the feelings they can express, the places they can take you, all within the pages of a book. She explores genres; her next book may be nothing like the last one. Never a dull moment in her head!



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