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by Debbi Weitzell

316 pages
Ora continues to grow in wisdom, but her brother and his friends make decisions that lead them, the Kateeleans, the Shanai, and the forest itself into perilous situations.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book

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Ora began her quest for deeper insight to the Divine in Book 1 of this series. Three years later, she has grown her knowledge of how the Universe works, and in wisdom of how to tap in to those powers. But she is still learning.

She and her new husband, a fellow seeker, return to Dynora to visit her family. But their visit entices her headstrong brother and his friends to make decisions that lead them into a situation far worse than they could have imagined.

The people of Kateele plot their rescue, which sets in motion events that could alter the course of life for Kateeleans, the Shanai, and the forest itself.


"Dire Consequences" was an absolute joy to read! I am not a fan of the fantasy genre in literature, but the author drew me in from the very beginning. Her use of the fantastical was believable and enjoyable and left me wanting more. It was suspenseful and full of drama with a true moral to the story. Her characters were given choices, some chose good and some chose evil. I always knew which side I wanted to win because the bad were not sent to outer darkness, but were invited to become good. "Dire Consequences" is a great read; I look forward to the next one!
- Linda Goodman
Throughout her life, Ora has been seeking....seeking for answers and revelations only obtained through communication with a divine sphere of knowledge. In Dire Consequences, Ora continues to seek for the enlightenment needed to help her family and her people. However, her quest takes her into potentially catastrophic danger which may alter the peaceful future she desires for her people. This second book in the series continues a story of faith and fortitude which engages and uplifts, showing how courage and self sacrifice bring lessons learned and families bonded. An enjoyable and entertaining read, Dire Consequences keeps you turning pages and hoping for the right to ultimately prevail.
- Karen Mosley
As you begin this journey you are transported into world full of adventure, survival, intrigue, hope, growth, and redemption. Each time you read this book there is another layer to pull back and learn from. I cannot recommend this book enough… a must read! You will not regret it.
- Dana Bunker


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About the Author
Debbi Weitzell has been writing most of her life, crafting both commercial and creative projects. Fiction allows the deepest expression her values, which are based in the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has also written plays and screenplays. She lives with her husband in Arizona.



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