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MY PATHWAY TO SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: A Real-life Beginning to "Proving the Continuity of Life" by Lynn Kent

MY PATHWAY TO SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: A Real-life Beginning to "Proving the Continuity of Life"

by Lynn Kent

108 pages
Real life stories/interviews from the files of a Certified Medium.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
WINNER of 'We Are One Spirit Book Award' and Honorable Mention in the ReaderViews 2011 Spirituality/Inspiration category.

From origins of a future medium - to proving life continues beyond the death of the physical body; real life stories and interviews from the personal files of a Certified Medium and Ordained Minister of Spiritualism. Stories of confronting tragedies to accepting forgiveness from the spirit realm, heartwarming experiences are also provided for our own soul's benefit and development beyond belief to the knowing that a person's character and personality survive death.

The essence of the stories in this book is best summed up by Sari in her interview about her reading.

What I got from my session with you was an overwhelming sense of well being, peace and a weight lifted. Many questions were put to rest. When people pass from this life, I have always had the trust that they are going to a better place even though we all have our own perceptions about that. You confirmed to me that they do and try to be better people once there. Thank you.

Dreams are a way through the conscious mind to make connection with us. In this story a connection was made.

"Cheryl: Just before my mother died I went to breakfast with my mother and father. The night before that breakfast I had a dream of my brother, Brian's face on a television screen, just his face, nothing else, sort of like a close up. I had never seen his face or my grandmother's in dreams before. I just knew they were in my dreams but I never saw his face. I remember telling my mother and father that I felt he was trying to tell me something......"

Signs from Spirit are sometimes unnerving and frighten, yet only the best is in tendered by Spirit as explained by Lynn in Jessica's story.

"There are many people today receiving information from their loved ones in Spirit and think they are "going crazy", "seeing things" or are not understanding the signs that Spirit is trying to give to them. Jessica was one of these people. Since her reading she had improved her ties to the Spirit World and has learned to trust her intuition. She has learned to recognize her "triggers", like her grandmother calling her "baby doll" and the tone of voice her grandfather would use."

The last major section completes a short and to the point summary on Spiritualism and direct to the point (Keep It Simple and Spiritual) "KISS" concept of religion, especially with the Declaration of Principles.

And finally with a bonus section detailing Lynn's "Hint for a Good Reading" requested by her for the client to read and understand before a reading.


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About the Author
Lynn Kent Lynn is an Ordained Minister and Certified Medium with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. She is a Bristol RI native and attended local Catholic school and at one time considered a career as a nun, however; she has chosen to work with helping others in need through spirit communication.



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