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How to Recognize A Deadbeat: 101 Red Flags for Single Christian Women by Emma McCain, Ed.D.

How to Recognize A Deadbeat: 101 Red Flags for Single Christian Women

by Emma McCain, Ed.D.

78 pages
This is not a book about male bashing, but actually shows honor and appreciation for the godly men of this world.

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About the Book
When I began to research scriptures that might encourage single Christian women who have been wounded by deadbeat men, I really began to experience what the writer of Isaiah 55:11 meant when he said that Godís word does not go forth without achieving what He intended for it to accomplish. Sometimes writers examine the scripture to encourage others, and end up encouraging themselves. Thatís exactly what happened to me in the course of writing HOW TO RECOGNIZE A DEADBEAT: 101 RED FLAGS FOR SINGLE CHRISTIAN WOMEN.

This book is an attempt to empower women to be comfortable in our Christian skin and to be aware of signals that can lead to potentially destructive relationships with men. Just as there are red flags that warn us to avoid becoming involved with deadbeat men, there are also spiritual indicators that alert us when we are in the presence of genuinely godly men who represent all that is good and decent. There are really good men out there! HOW TO RECOGNIZE A DEADBEAT is compassionately written to encourage single Christian Women who endeavor to maintain a Christian lifestyle to make room in our hearts for meeting men who are graced and blessed by God, men who in turn are more prone to bless others. But before we can do that, we must free our spirits from the clutter of deadbeat men!


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About the Author
Dr. Emma McCain is a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified school counselor, and post-secondary Sociology instructor. Her many years spent as a counselor and educator have made her privy to many of the hurts and pains experienced by wounded Christian women. Additionally, she has had the privilege of having many Christian male role models in her life, from her late father, male family members, service providers, and males in her church family. She uses these positive experiences to attempt to encourage and empower single Christian women to clear the gateway to their hearts from deadbeat deterrents and to affirm and embrace who they are in Christ, while making room for Godís man of favor!



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