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From Church Hopping to Divine Expectancy: Transforming “Sunday Best” Church Experiences into Devoted Communion with the Hope of Glory by Emma McCain, Ed.D.

From Church Hopping to Divine Expectancy: Transforming “Sunday Best” Church Experiences into Devoted Communion with the Hope of Glory

by Emma McCain, Ed.D.

132 pages
Using the backdrop of the famous words used by Jesus Christ in ministering to the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:23-24) after He discerned that she was fixated on a physical place to worship God, Dr. McCain reminds believers of the empowering impact when devoted communion with the Father is not confined to a Sunday only worship experience.

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About the Book
“Let the back door hit them where the good Lord split them!” These are the harsh words spoken by one pastor before his congregation after learning that a family group had made the conscious decision to leave his church. His reaction is not an uncommon mindset within certain communities of faith where the religious landscape is such that members must be present at the church building each Sunday or risk the rebuke of an arduous spiritual leader. Individuals who choose to visit other churches or even become bold enough to seek new beginnings in a different fellowship without the permission of such leadership have been often stigmatized or ostracized as “church hoppers.”


In FROM CHURCH HOPPING TO DIVINE EXPECTANCY, Dr. McCain attempts to affirm the freedom of each believer to examine or seek out new beginnings in other communities of faith without fear of rebuke from church leaders. Written with compassion during the midst of challenges imposed upon the physical church by an indeterminate global pandemic, the writer is careful not to undermine the need for Defenders of the Faith to remain spiritually connected and supportive of an organized Body of Christ. However during these trying times, there is an even greater need for believers to recognize the power of the spiritual church dwelling within each genuine Disciple of Christ who lives in anticipation of His return.


The writer devotes numerous chapters of the book to uncover debatable issues that might influence worshipers to leave certain churches while balancing and describing how communion with Christ and walking in anticipation of His return empowers the believer to progressively grow toward demonstrating “best practices” which genuinely mirror the heart of our Savior. Thus, she shows how daily devotion with God helps us to fall in love with His WORD which commands and equips us to practice His unconditional love in our daily interactions, challenges, and differences with our fellow brothers and sisters which comprise a global creation made in His image.


Dr. McCain believes that devoted communion with God alerts and empowers Defenders of the Faith to become more accountable and balanced in promoting a justice-for-all-mindset while recognizing our own frailties and need to extend His grace and unconditional love to all humankind. Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:37-40). In other words, when we love God with every fiber of our being and love everyone else as ourselves, we refuse to murder, envy, or abuse our fellow brother or sister in anyway.

In a world where death is so pervasive and physical distancing from a church building is an indefinite phenomenon for vulnerable populations, the need to transform “Sunday Best” church experiences into daily devoted communion with the only hope that will sustain us through these uncertain times becomes even more imperative. Such devotion not only gives the believer hope and optimism but empowers us to speak hard spiritual truths about the gospel of peace, love, and justice for all of God’s creation. This transformation gains more traction as the Day of our Lord’s return draws near.


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About the Author
Emma McCain, Ed.D. Dr. McCain is a Georgia state licensed and nationally certified professional counselor who has devoted 37 years to the arena of human services. She has published work that fosters the academic success and mental well-being of under-served students, as well as authored a book that inspires and empowers wounded women.



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