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NATURE VS. MAN: Socialist Ideals Foreign to Nature - Enforced Equality (live as others), Coerced Altruism (live for others) and Suppressed Human Nature (think like others) by Valdemar Malin

NATURE VS. MAN: Socialist Ideals Foreign to Nature - Enforced Equality (live as others), Coerced Altruism (live for others) and Suppressed Human Nature (think like others)

by Valdemar Malin

176 pages
Equality and Altruism stand convicted in the court of...Nature!

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
This book is about Nature, Man and Life; about war waged by arrogant Man against Nature’s wisdom; about Nature’s rules of Life created for all living things, including Man; about socialist/progressive ideals that defy Nature: forced economic equality (live as others); coerced altruism (live for others); and suppressed human nature (think like others). The book takes these ideals to court—not to Court of Law, but to Court...of Nature where Honorable Judge Nature summoned you to serve as a juror.

This book is about disastrous fantasies called economic equality—to take from others. Equality doesn’t exist in the natural world. Just imagine solar energy or mineral resources are equally redistributed around the globe. “Absurd!” Nature says. “The land temperature would be equalized at uncomfortable... 8.5degC (47.3degF), while mineral deposits (iron, coal, oil) would be found nowhere—Man would still live in caves.” Equality has never existed in the living Nature, even in egalitarian societies. Man was created equal before Law—not before Nature. Just imagine every one is equally strong or weak; hardworking or lazy; venturous or irresolute; intelligent or retarded. “Absurd!” Nature says. “Inequality is a law of Nature that preserves Life—there are not enough resources on Earth to make both equal and comfortable living for all.” Like Nature, free market creates natural inequality; proponents of artificial equality defy Nature and ignore reality—if people of various abilities share limited resources equally, this is inequality by itself. The absurd idea of equality lives only in the minds of impractical intellectuals. It leads not to equal prosperity, but to equal poverty. Here is the roadmap: [Capitalist inequality + Prosperity] — Socialist equality — [Inequality + Poverty].

This book is about altruism, a faithful companion of economic equality. The concept of altruism was introduced by French philosopher Auguste Comte in mid 19th century. Comte viewed Man as inborn egoists and called “to reverse the natural order and to teach ourselves to live for others.” This “live-for-others” altruistic theory forces you to surrender to others (Government) your home and possessions; your labor and talents; your thoughts, choices and wishes; your body and even your life. It was embraced by socialists, communists and Nazis. The results were catastrophic. Present-day progressives from Hollywood, academia and media try to revive the bankrupted concept; to ennoble and disguise it under a mask of benevolence; to fake Nature’s endorsement; to present altruistic societies as Man’s future.

This book is about human nature—the object of unprecedented socialist experiments. Inborn human traits were denied by social science for centuries. A concept of human behavior shaped only by environment was used by socialists to justify forced suppression and molding of human nature according to their ideals. Socialists declared war on human nature perfected by Nature corrupting, abusing and perverting it in the process. They turned millions into bloody murderers, thieves, hypocrites, lying conformists, informers and slanderers. They stripped people off their self-reliance and entrepreneurship; their ability to make decisions on their own.


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About the Author
Valdemar Malin Dr. Valdemar Malin, an internationally recognized engineer and scientist, immigrated to the US from the former USSR. Working for the U.S. Government, industry and academia, he published numerous scientific articles and books, and received many national and international awards for his advanced research and technological innovations.



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