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LAW OF CONSERVATION OF JEWS (Russian Edition) by Valdemar Malin


by Valdemar Malin

138 pages
How did Jews manage to survive for 4000 years in the hostile and merciless world in which their chances of survival were close to zero?

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Category: History
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About the Book
This book is intended for Jews and non-Jews, for believers and non-believers.It is full of mysterious facts and events that can be called a miraculous Jewish Phenomenon. But the biggest miracle is why Jews didn’t vanish from the face of the Earth long, long ago, while all the other ancient peoples did. How could Jews survive when they keep making one folly after another and not learning from their mistakes?

Incredible, but there were two more horrific, unknown so far Holocausts lost in the maze of ancient Jewish history! Each of them claimed twice as many Jewish lives (relative to Jewish population) than the Nazi Holocaust did! Did you know that the chance of meeting a Jew in the ancient world was 20 times higher than today? Only once in Jewish history (more than 3000 years ago) all Jews gathered in one place, but couldn’t live together as one people more than 117 years! Will modern Israel resurrected in 1948 celebrate its 117th birthday in 2065?

There are many hypotheses trying to explain these mysteries. One of them is presented in this book. This new, unorthodox hypothesis was named the Law of Conservation of Jews. What is it? Reality—a manifestation of some unknown natural law that insures the conservation of Jews? Or it is a manifestation of something supernatural, divine that transcends reality?

You will never look at the Jewish people and their history the same way again!


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About the Author
Valdemar Malin Dr. Valdemar Malin, an internationally recognized engineer and scientist, immigrated to the US from the former USSR in 1979. Employed by the US defense research centers and academia (Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology). Dr. Malin was working on numerous projects sponsored by the US Government agencies (the US Army, Navy, NASA and FHWA). During his distinguished career, Dr. Malin has published more than 50 scientific articles and books, received numerous national and international awards and was elected Fellow of a professional society for his advanced research and technological innovations.



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