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TINTON FALLS: Third Book of the 'Time and Space' Trilogy by John Merlette

TINTON FALLS: Third Book of the 'Time and Space' Trilogy

by John Merlette

500 pages
Does the schoolteacher recover, remain in a coma or die?

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
Tinton Falls is the third and final book in the fictional trilogy; 'Time and Space'. The novel follows events after 'Story Time' and 'Morgan Island' with more unusual dreams created inside the chemically damaged mind of Terry Morgan. The young schoolteacher is disappointed with the group of imagined friends he is put in with at his new home in Tinton Falls, N.J. However, before long, he is guiding his new buddies on more Story Time adventures.

Morgan is at a crossroads; he will either recover, remain in a perpetual coma or die from a third cardiac arrest. While he ponders his fate, his creative mind discovers things that matter most in a person's life.

Highlights of the novel include:

- Terry Morgan dreams his older sister is mixed up in an evil plot involving Cuban terrorists threatening American lives.

- Kidnappers use an unusual technique to abduct wealthy victims for money. The plan is so perfectly conceived and executed that there seems to be no way to stop the crimes.

- Terry and his friends witness the effects first hand when a dramatic drop in solar energy threatens all life on earth.

- One of Terry's virtual friends, a Vietnam War veteran, begins to tell a story about his military experiences only to find things not working out as planned.

- A young policeman unwittingly gets caught up in a a fund raising scheme that goes horribly awry. he pleads with Terry Morgan and his friends to intervene.

- The schoolteacher and his pals take on an Islamic mosque in Bayonne, New Jersey over the right to 'air' their opinion.

- a former doctor discovers a miraculous cure for a deadly viral pandemic only to find himself struggling to save himself from a different kind of threat.

- One of Terry's friends competes in an Olympic downhill event. The only problem with the reckless plan is, the man has never been on skis before.

These and more entertaining short stories await the reader in Tinton Falls. While the book reads fine by itself, you will want to be read all three parts of the trilogy to get the most from what the story has to offer.


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About the Author
John Merlette caps off 40 years of aerospace engineering design with his entertaining trilogy of fictional techno-novels. Unlike most writers who struggle with scientific material, the author applies his scientific knowledge and experience to create entertaining stories.



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