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STORY TIME: First Book of the 'Time and Space' Trilogy by John Merlette

STORY TIME: First Book of the 'Time and Space' Trilogy

by John Merlette

500 pages
'Story Time' fantasies created in the mind of comatose schoolteacher.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
STORY TIME, is the first book of the trilogy, 'Time and Space'. The story begins in the fictional town of Wilson, Montana and travels to wherever Terry Morgan's spectacular imagination decides it wants him to go. Morgan, a happily married high school science teacher, suddenly ends up in a prolonged coma, struggling to survive after a tragic ordeal. All the young man can do all day is endlessly dream as the seasons change and Earth continues to spin. The novel is a compilation of adventurous short stories conceived inside the fertile, but chemically damaged mind of the helpless dreamer.

The fictional novel; 'Time & Space'; Book 1, includes the following highlights:

- Terry Morgan and his group of imaginary accomplices almost accidentally destroy the economy of the United States of America with the aid of just some computers and clever timing.
"You know, we're in trouble up to our eyeballs this time," Art Bonner announced.
"Are you referring to our nation or just the six of us?" the lawyer pointedly asked his friend.
"I guess I was just thinking of you and me," the young fireman sheepishly admitted.

-An impromptu collection of fire fighters, rush off to a building blaze only to discover there are more people trapped inside than they have rescuers or time to save.

-Terry Morgan takes his imaginary friends on a journey through time to seek its beginning and end and then through space to find its outer limit. The search for infinity ends in thoughtful discussions about the creation of all matter and the conflicts between science and theological dogma. 'After an intense debate following Terry Morgan's 'Story Time' adventure tale, Art Bonner felt like a ukulele collector at a Stradivarius convention.'

-A pleasant trek into the Wind River wilderness of Wyoming turns into a terrifying experience for the 'Club Room' group of avatars. Terry Morgan is forced to choose a way for his imaginary friends to escape a dangerous inferno.

-A doctor specializing in sports medicine used his surgical skills to turn a poverty-stricken street urchin into a world-class sports phenomenon. There's just one problem with how he did it.

-One of Terry's imagined friends takes the 'Club Room' group on a journey to visit her new home. She forgot to mention that it would entail a battle to escape Satan's demons so as to reach Heaven.

As Terry Morgan creates a continuous stream of eclectic tales in his mind, oblivious to the real world that exists outside his own, the lives of others: his wife, the medical staff at the hospital where he is cared for and even the careless young men responsible for his life-threatening injuries, continue to react to unexpected situations that control their individual destinies.


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About the Author
John Merlette John Merlette began his engineering career in 1968, doing innovative work in aerospace, specializing in advanced composite materials. In 1983, he and two partners started a business that produces 'Springlite' prosthetic limbs for amputees. John's latest creative endeavor is writing fiction. He and his wife, 'Red' reside in Montana.



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