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Head Jacked by A. Mark Bedillion M.S. Ed., C.A.P.

Head Jacked

by A. Mark Bedillion M.S. Ed., C.A.P.

78 pages
People have been trying to control others since time began.

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Category: Self Help:Addiction
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About the Book
Are your children being brainwashed? Are you??

HEAD JACKED; Also known as mind control, brainwashing, coercive persuasion, reprogramming, thought control or thought reform refers to a process in which a group or individual “Methodically uses deceptive practices to persuade others to conform to the demands of the manipulator, often to the detriment of the person targeted.”

Why do you think television networks call their line-ups "Programming"? It is because you are being programmed without even being aware of the extent to which it is happening. The unrelenting messages are designed to hook you. Drink more beer, have more sex, make more money, use more violence, this is what you watch day in and day out. The type of information we take in through our senses significantly shapes what we become. We learn by repetition and that is why advertisers inundate us with their logos and messages by the minute, hour, day and year.

This book will help you to discover how to take back your thought life and walk free from the deceptions that are secretly destroying you.

Where is the true intellect and creativity that made America great? The media moguls and advertising executives know exactly what they are doing by the messages they broadcast. Some concerned citizens realized the dangers of the characters that were being used to target our people, especially children, and the public outcry forced the companies to remove those figures from the public view. Great examples included; “Joe the Camel” and the “Marlboro Man”. Children would have followed Joe right down to their death through smoking cigarettes, tragically some have. Others followed the Marlboro man. Many of them became cancer patients and died horrible deaths. Did the advertisers ever care about your health, wealth or well-being?

People are waking up to the truth about the power of advertising. The era of people being Head Jacked is coming to an end. The TRUTH and the LIGHT are returning.

You observe movie stars imploding daily. This has become the cultural norm. Just look at the psychiatric wards, the rehabs and the hidden secrets that plague the rich and famous. These unsuspecting stars of the Silver Screen are victims of their own devices. They truly have Head Jacked themselves. The adage you reap what you sow always prevails.

Whether you are a Down-and-Outer or an Up-and-Outer, this book is for you. It can show you the true freedom that only an unencumbered mind can create.

Your mind has slowly been corrupted by the sinister schemes of this world through various forms of media. Nothing but darkness flows from a corrupt mind. The author will show you how to evaluate your thoughts and to begin taking back control of your life.
Check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!


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About the Author
A. Mark Bedillion MS.Ed., C.A.P, Certified Addictions Professional, Therapist, Former Psychiatric Hospital Director, Talk Show Host and Author, knows all about the power of mind control. He has been recovering from mind and mood altering substances and other addictions for over 25 years. Mark has helped thousands to find recovery.



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