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by Cindy Keith, RN, BS, CDP

108 pages
Dementia training workbook for eldercare facility staff.

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About the Book
You can now obtain and provide this "Master Key" for dementia training for your facility staff. You are well aware that staff education and training is critical to the success of any facility in achieving the goal of providing the highest quality of care for the residents. It becomes even more critical when those residents have Alzheimer's or any other type of dementia. You will see decreased staff turnover rates, increased reports of job satisfaction, as well as a better QI rating from families of your residents when you invest in quality staff dementia training such as this. Module topics such as "Let's Talk About You And Why You're Working Here," and "Humor Is An Essential Tool," are not your typical training topics, yet Cindy knows they are essential to the success of your training. You will see a total culture change for the better within your facility when this training is completed as Cindy has recommended.

This "Master Key" will comprehensively train all of your facility staff members. The sixteen training modules are clear, concise and written in a no-nonsense format that will facilitate learning. There are many stories included within the training modules that will allow for better comprehension and recall of the important lessons. Tasks are assigned to most of the modules and will require the staff members to apply the lessons to specific residents in your facility. A Manager's Training Guide is available as a bonus download from the author's website, and will enable you to plan and execute the training sessions at your convenience for a total training time of at least 4 hours.

Don't wait another day to begin this training that will enrich and improve not only the culture within your facility, but the lives of your staff, your residents, and their families as well.

Andrew Rosenzweig, MD, MPH, the esteemed expert for dementia at the website About, writes in his Foreword in this book:

"This second book by Cindy is equally impressive in the ways she understands the challenges faced by workers in facilities every day. Cindy tells it like it is: working with people with dementia is stressful and at times unpredictable, but being condescending to residents or back-stabbing to each other should never be acceptable. A multitude of extremely helpful tips are included for interacting with people with dementia, as well as guiding workers to take an honest look at themselves and their work ethics. It is doubtful you will find a training as easily taught, or as all-encompassing as this workbook and the Training Guide. Any facility choosing to provide this dementia training tool for their staff will see immediate, positive changes in the culture of the facility, as well as happier, and safer residents with dementia."

Order one Master Key workbook now for every staff member in your facility, and don't forget housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen and all management staff. Then download one bonus "Management's 'Master Key' Training Guide from the author's website."


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About the Author
Cindy Keith, RN, BS has created the "Master Key" for dementia training for your facility staff. Included in the 16 Modules are topics such as work ethics, humor, and improving relationships with family members. A bonus download entitled "Management's 'Master Key' Training Guide can be obtained through the author's website."



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