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Get High on the Higher Vibration: A Tune–Up for Conscious Living by Jyl Auxter

Get High on the Higher Vibration: A Tune–Up for Conscious Living

by Jyl Auxter

282 pages
Self-healing for addictions and diseases by using breathing techniques.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Join a modern day mystic as she travels around the world recalling stories of healing, spiritual truths and sacred rituals. Awaken to a new life by uncovering your own personal vibration. Discover how easy it is to expand beyond your current physical, mental and emotional limitations and follow a spiritual path.

A timely and unique book, Get High on the Higher Vibration, has been passionately written to shift and heal an extremely addictive world.

“Everyone on the planet is addicted to something and most of us are unwilling to examine the nasty habits that keep us from living our greatness. Without access to transcendent states of consciousness, people search for meaning in life through addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, illness, consumerism, ego, the Internet, violence and crime. Unfortunately, these distractions have stolen our equilibrium…until now."

Let the higher vibration guide you toward real freedom, greater wisdom, perfect health and joy. Learn what it means to live consciously. Start today by living the life your soul desires.


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About the Author
Jyl Auxter Jyl Auxter is an international spiritual teacher who promotes holistic healing. She empowers others to embrace the full spectrum of living a spiritual life. Jyl encourages all of us to take responsibility for our health by healing naturally. Her healing work and books have help many people find greater peace.



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