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Upside-Down: The Rise of an Evolution by Jyl Auxter-Kern, Ph.D.

Upside-Down: The Rise of an Evolution

by Jyl Auxter-Kern, Ph.D.

282 pages
The year 2020 has been cited as a time of major change. The world has moved into a spiritually advanced fourth density consciousness. Upside-Down is packed full of metaphysical secrets for a shifting world.

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About the Book
Upside-Down: The Rise of an Evolution all began when an American mystic finds herself stranded in her own country. What starts off as a US COVID quarantine adventure soon becomes a story worth writing. Once back in Europe where the author lives, it becomes quite clear that the telepathy words of “Upside-Down” needed to be described and placed on paper. Lessons were learned and needed to be shared.

The year 2020 will be cited as a time of great change. Most spiritual teachers refer to this change as the Great Awakening. Throughout this book tools are offered to help us safely migrate the rough and rocky Earthly terrains of a spiritual awakening. Universal Spiritual Laws, ancient spiritual teachings, mediations, prayers, and yoga kriyas guide us to a higher level of consciousness. Chakras, densities, and biofields are up for discussion. After all, as our realities shift, new frequencies alter our mind, body, and soul and new information now becomes available.

A book written for the masses should get our attention. All systems in our so-called comfy third density upside-down world need to change, as we move deeper into a fourth density experience. Learning to adjust to a heart-centred world may take some time. The power-controlled world that was so important for decades is quickly fading. For everyone resisting this shift in consciousness, be prepared. You think greed, corruption, lies and releasing a bioweapon virus isn’t enough? Wait to see what else is coming if we don’t empower ourselves now. Yes, it is time to wake up to the fact that our foods are killing us, pharmaceutics are our only option for healing, and we are a rich money focused culture who has fallen asleep. In the upside-down world a body full of cancer is the norm with no end in sight. Without a higher connection with the spirit world, we are all doomed and self-healing is impossible. This book was written to hit you in the head and then gently hold your hand to move forward into new beginnings.

Waking up is not an option as the upside-down turns right-side up.


- Richard A. Jelusich, Founder of Integrative Chakra Therapy


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About the Author
Jyl Auxter-Kern, PhD is an international speaker, healer, and author. Her work includes energy medicine, spiritual counseling, and nutritional guidance. In the early 1990s, Jyl experienced a spiritual health emergency, or what the Shamans refer to as the Birth of the Healer. The Healer’s journey led her around the world to explore alternative healing methods and deeper states of consciousness.



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