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The Skeleton Train by Craig J. Hansen

The Skeleton Train

by Craig J. Hansen

282 pages
Adventurous alienated youth rides freight trains to find missing girl

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
The Skeleton Train tells the story of Jason Audley, a modern Huck Finn. Jason is a character that readers know (or may have been). Alienated and lonely, capable but doubting, heís a young man on the margins, a ghost to the mainstream. Yet inside heís wry, reflective, inquisitive, sometimes daring.

Jason is not alone in this world. He shares it with his divorced parents, his acerbic sister, his motherís new lover, and Davey Miller, the high schoolís most popular kid. He and Davey are bound by their common fascination with hopping freight trains.

On one of these increasingly dangerous trips, they encounter a mysterious girl, as well as the sinister Freight Train Riders of America (a real organization akin to the Hellís Angels in reputation). Jason and Davey are drawn into a wild adventure that ultimately becomes a kind of quest. Along the way, Jason is forced to make many choices--about friendship, about priorities, and about his own sense of right and wrong. And Jason finds that these choices can have life and death consequences.


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About the Author
Craig J. Hansen Craig J. Hansen is a professor at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has published short stories and a variety of academic works. This is his first novel. He grew up in Peoria, Illinois, and now lives with his wife in Stillwater, Minnesota.



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