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Down in Dog Run by Donnie Thompson

Down in Dog Run

by Donnie Thompson

644 pages
A thrilling murder mystery. A bondage killer on the loose.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Duane Tomlin thought he was happily married until he found out his wife wasn't; and when she left him for another man, Duane's world fell apart. A suicide attempt lands him in a mental ward and the shrink there talks him into mending fences with a long estranged brother in the hills of West Virginia, a brother who is taking bondage photographs for a living.

Not long after he arrives in the mountain town of Henchford, young girls start turning up dead and somehow Duane finds himself at the very top of the sheriff's suspect list.

Where exactly is this Dog Run that his brother only alludes to? Why does Duane's young tag along friend spend so much time alone in the woods? And which one of these hill folk is secretly a bondage killer? Duane Tomlin went looking for a reconciliation and Hell went along for the ride.


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About the Author
Donnie Joe Thompson is a two time author; Ricster-Ricster being his first endeavor. He enjoys playing music, reading and drinking cheap wine.



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