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GOD'S MOTIVE by Phillip J Hubbell


by Phillip J Hubbell

276 pages
Godís Motive is a story of reality, certainty and enlightenment.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
Nothing is infinite. Actually not even ďnothingĒ is infinite. A better description would be that everything that has a nature (including nothing) is physically finite. Infinity is unreal. It is conceptual. Infinity is a real concept but doesnít exist at any single point in time. There is a potential infinity if you conceptualize the flow of time as movement...but stop the clock and everything is finite. The universe is finite. Our lives are finite. How high we can count is finite, limited by the length of our existence.

Infinity is a pointless concept from the point of view of the observer. We live in a universe based on an objective reality that exists outside of our observation of it. This brings us to eternal life. It isnít. It is limited by the span of time that the universe exists as the universe. Eventually, according to physicists, the universe will expand to the point where individual particles will move away from one another and at that point, matter will not exist, only energy. Even then, at any given time, what remains will be finite. But the spark of Free Will inhabiting a being on a planet or in a star cannot exist. It will become something else. I donít know what.

Godís Motive is a story about a fellow who once believed in infinity. He no longer does. Instead he is certain that Free Will is the main concept considered to be sacred by God. He has been enlightened, selected randomly and told the story of creation. He is not the first. The only remaining mysteries are Godís reasons for telling this story to anyone and the criteria for salvation. Salvation isnít what you think it is either.

Selected as one among billions, he is shown how the universe began and told the reason for stars and planets. He has seen angels. At least he has seen creatures he assumes are angels. Every three hundred days, new data is downloaded into his head and he has finally decided to write some of it down. Life and living is slowly becoming irrelevant as he considers the future of consciousness in countless lives of his own design. He has learned the futility of dogma and the nature of the afterlife.

It seems that time actually is on our side.


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About the Author
Phillip J Hubbell Phillip J Hubbell lives in the Midwest with his wife Sue. He is also the author of "Write Winger: Solutions for the Politically Oblique." Phillip has been writing for his own amusement for the last 30 years or so.



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