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STRANGE FLESH and the CIRCLE of CHAMESH: Book III The Psychic Detective by Gloria Edwards

STRANGE FLESH and the CIRCLE of CHAMESH: Book III The Psychic Detective

by Gloria Edwards

390 pages
Psychic detective engages in spiritual battle with STRANGE FLESH.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
STRANGE FLESH and the CIRCLE of CHAMESH: Book III The Psychic Detective

A spiritual thriller inspired by true events about extra-terrestrial activities, alien abductions and the premise behind the amazing scriptural passage: “…And angels who kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication and going after STRANGE FLESH...” JUDAH 6, The Holy Name Bible

In this third chronicle of the psychic detective saga, once again psychic investigator, Monifa Livingston, must confront the demoness from Book II. But this time around, the demoness has a new identity; now she’s calling herself Winter Lebron and, supported by her deviant-cohort, Peter Bowker, she’s using her supernatural powers to convince Bowker’s paranormal support group that she’s half-human/half-alien. Fueled by vengeance, Winter’s objective is to steal, kill and destroy her way onto Monifa’s path. By the time Monifa discovers a confrontation with her reinvented nemesis is inevitable, she’s already under Winter’s spell and too bewildered to defend herself. She gains assistance from a mystical professor named Hamoud Al-Haifi. Al-Haifi tells Monifa the only way she can stop the demoness is through a phenomenal act of faith: she must join his prayer Circle of Chamesh for spiritual support and engage the demoness in a supernatural battle. But when Monifa realizes the battle with her nemesis has turned into a terrifying spiritual struggle with what scripture refers to as STRANGE FLESH, she's barely able to hold on to her sanity...much less her life!


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About the Author
Gloria Taylor Edwards lives in Virginia with her husband in a home filled with a-zillion books and stuffed animals. She’s a long-time radio journalist and the author of a three-volume Psychic Detective series: DEATH WILL PAY THE DEBT, SINS OF THE PARENTS, and STRANGE FLESH & the CIRCLE OF CHAMESH.



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