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SINS OF THE PARENTS (Book II of the Psychic Detective) by Gloria Taylor Edwards

SINS OF THE PARENTS (Book II of the Psychic Detective)

by Gloria Taylor Edwards

640 pages
A bloodthirsty, vengeful female may be kidnapping and killing preachers.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
About the Book

Preachers are disappearing and turning up dead! A clairvoyant detective named Monifa Robertson is called in to investigate one of the cases.


Reminiscent of his late father and grandfather, Central Virginia minister, Clinton Hawkins Wells III, follows a prolific but flawed path in life. When Wells' illicit lover-another minister and a political appointee-disappears, the lover's daughter hires private investigator, Monifa Robertson, to find her mother.

Monifa discovers that several other Central Virginia ministers connected to Wells have also disappeared; in fact, throughout Central Virginia, people are turning up missing or the butchered victims of a serial murderer with a unique modus operandi.

When Monifa's fiancé-investigative journalist, Baker Livingston-hears titillating information about the Central Virginia disappearances and murders, he decides to pursue a story on the identity of the serial killer. But Baker disappears, too.

Monifa seeks spiritual advice from a a radical Yahwistic minister named Malakyah Sulieman. Sulieman offers to accompany Monifa on her search to find Baker...a search that leads them into the lair of a bisexual, nympholeptic female who appears to have a taste for human flesh.


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About the Author
Gloria Taylor Edwards is a native of Richmond, Virginia where she lives with her musician husband in a house filled with music, books and a zillion stuffed animals. She's the mother of a twenty-eight year old school-teacher/musician who says he'd like to be a character in her next book.



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