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Final Solution by Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

Final Solution

by Jason Michael Hiaeshutter

222 pages
Jodellís clandestine past throws her family into a sinister plot.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Over 60 years ago, Josef Mengele discovered the ability to clone a human being. Now Doctor Sholokhoff, head of an evil secret society, is using that same technology to build an army and dominate the world.

Jodell Vaughn, a member of this society, suddenly commits suicide leaving her husband to discover everything he knew about his loving family was a lie.

After Jodellís funeral, a mysterious stranger arrives at the Vaughnís Las Vegas home and warns Devin that men from an underground society will be arriving shortly to kidnap his only son. Devin finds that he has mere minutes to escape before his boy becomes a guinea pig for the most heinous experiment the world has ever known.


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About the Author
Jason Michael Hiaeshutter Jason Hiaeshutter is a veteran of the United States Air Force and has also served as a police officer in Michigan. Jason has written several independent short stories but Final Solution is his first novel. He loves boating, water sports, and spending time on the lake with his family.



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