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I Know Who I Am When I Belly Dance! by Daleela Morad

I Know Who I Am When I Belly Dance!

by Daleela Morad

168 pages
An exciting handbook for reclaiming your true feminine self!

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About the Book
Because belly dance gets to the heart of the Divine Feminine, it offers us the opportunity to connect to our true feminine nature!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could reclaim our feminine power and the natural passion and spontaneity we were born with? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could move away from unhappy relationships, alleviate depression, release sexual shame, enliven our relationships, and embrace a feminine spirituality sorely lacking in our society simply by dancing?

As modern day women, many of us have learned to devalue powerful feminine qualities such as sensitivity, nurturing, compassion, intuition and understanding so that our co-workers, employers and male friends “take us seriously." However, these are the very qualities humanity needs in this critical point in history.

Long before Greek and Roman times, our ancestors honored woman for these qualities. They revered women's power to unify their clans through their ability to nurture and heal. Because the belly dance epitomizes the feminine, it has the potential to help you reconnect to your natural feminine strength for your healing and ultimately for healing our planet!

Using belly dance, in this practical guide you will:

• Discover how to move away from unhealthy relationships
• Find dance exercises to alleviate depression
• Delight in dance exercises for feeling sexually alive
• Learn 50 exciting ways to enliven your marriage
• Unearth belly dance as a rite of passage

“The magic of belly dance is that the beautiful,feminine and sensual movements allow us to align our souls to our inner feminine beauty. This beauty often lies dormant within us, squelched by a culture that doesn’t nurture its growth. I highly recommend this book to all women who desire to heal and embrace their feminine spirits.”
--- Majida Magdalena. Masters in Public Health,
Belly Dance Instructor/Director, 32 years

A Handbook for Reclaiming Your True Feminine Self!


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About the Author
Daleela Morad Daleela Morad holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, a minor in music and a Teaching Credential in the Performing Arts. She fuses her 10 years of experience as a therapist with 19 years of expertise in belly dance to offer belly dance therapy for women of all ages.



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