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Belly Dance Wisdom: For Fitness, Pregnancy and a Divine Sexuality by Daleela Morad

Belly Dance Wisdom: For Fitness, Pregnancy and a Divine Sexuality

by Daleela Morad

156 pages
Become whole and beautiful through the art of belly dance.

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About the Book
As women, our conversations typically revolve around who has the worst bodyóthe biggest butt, the fattest belly, and the largest thighs. We dislike the very parts that make us women. But there is help!

Moradís book is a must have for women from all walks of life who wish to become fit, plan to become pregnant, or who need to reclaim a healthy sexuality. The ancient wisdom this book reveals will inspire women of all ages, shapes and sizes to belly dance.

Belly dance affords you the incredible opportunity to heal deep wounds, feel sensual, powerful and truly alive. Stay with it, and you will come to realize the incredible wisdom of the feminine.

In this book you will delight in:
∑ a fun and sensual belly dance workout for fitness
∑ over 85 instructional photos and an up-to-date, 15-page resource section
∑ exercises to facilitate pregnancy, labor and childbirth
∑ a powerful movement meditation to become sexually alive
∑ exciting testimonials

Belly Dance Wisdom stands apart from other belly dance books because it is more comprehensive. Daleela, a trained professional in both dance and counseling, criticizes Western body politics and presents belly dance as a way to learn to love your body, and as sex therapy. In addition, she offers how-to instruction, belly dance history, dance memoirs, movement meditations and testimonials. Belly dance as a self-help guide to wholeness hasnít been presented this way before in a book.

Chapters include:

Belly Dance is For All Women
How to Lose Weight and Gain Your Sensuality
Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Childbirth
Belly Dance for a Divine Sexuality
My Story
Appendix Ė Belly Dance Resources


Daleela discusses belly dance in its historical and cultural context and shares how this dance may increase your fitness level, heal old wounds, and empower you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I highly recommend this fun and educational read for all people who desire to enhance the quality of their lives and who wish to add zest to their existence.
- Ayad Al-Qazzaz, Professor of Sociology, California State University, Sacramento

Whether you are newly exploring, a hungry beginner, or a reminiscing pro, Belly Dance Wisdom offers hearty nuggets of advice and information in a very accessible and organized read. Daleela Moradís warm invitation into this sensual, feminine sisterhood will appeal to the novice and pro alike - truly pearls of wisdom to be shared and enjoyed by all levels of dance.
- Surreyya Hada, Gilded
Online Magazine for Middle Eastern Performing Arts


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About the Author
Daleela Morad With a Master's in Marriage, Family, Child Therapy, Daleela Morad worked as a therapist for a decade. As a UC Regent Scholar, she teaches belly dance through the University of California, Davis. She trained with master Egyptian instructors and writes for acclaimed Oriental magazines. Daleela received the prestigious Elly Award.



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