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Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle by Etta D. Jackson

Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle

by Etta D. Jackson

209 pages
Reveals the mystery of “the Woman clothed with the Sun."

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle takes an in-depth look and gives an explanation as to how the Divine Feminine manifests on the plane of name and form. This book unveils the mysteries that have been hidden from the populace and reveals how, and the reasons why She is the Dark Mother, the Feminine Principle, who is the whore as well as the virgin. She is the daughter and the mother; she is the midwife and the one who gives birth; she is the barren sister; she is the mother of your father and the daughter of your brother; she is the queen upon her throne and the beggar woman on her stool. She is in every woman, and she gave birth to every Man. She is the Feminine Power and Creator behind every created thing.

It reveals the Great Mysteries of Shekinah, the Divine Mother who is the Third aspect of the Divine Triad—.the Holy Ghost, and the Comforter. She is “the Woman clothed with the Sun, wearing a crown of Stars” that the Book of Revelation predicted would come at the dawn of the Aquarian Age. She who will establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and initiate equality between the Masculine and the Feminine, the Age of Peace ,and Brotherhood and Justice. In parting the veil of secrecy, She reveals the mysteries of the Divine Plan, for the liberation of humanity. This plan is unattainable without a complete understanding of the role of the Feminine. The ancients said that Humanity could not be liberated until the memory of the true knowledge and nature of the Feminine was restored, and until She assumes her rightful place of power and glory in the external world. Without her there can be no peace, because she is peace itself. She is the link that connects man-to-man, and nation-to-nation. She created everything that is created and she is the Mother of ALL. Nothing in manifestation can exist without her.

The Ageless Wisdom says of her, ‘no Man lifts her veil’ but only as she finds the individual worthy, will she lift her veil to reveal the long held secret of the relationship of all pairs of opposites— that She and the Father are, in fact, one and the same.

For many people, this information about the Feminine will be unsettling. For too long, Humanity has functioned on half a cylinder, with the Feminine voice muted, and having no meaningful place in the world of men. This is a time of liberation for men as well as women. This adversarial condition between men and women has caused pain and suffering for both gender and has resulted in the delay of true happiness based on equality and the rightful order of things. This book unveils her true identity and nature and finally reveals that She was and always has been the Grand Architect and Designer of the Universe.


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About the Author
Etta D. Jackson Etta D. Jackson is the author of Understanding Your Choice and founder of The Institute for Conscious Global Change, Inc. She holds a B.A. in Biology, M.S. degrees in Psychoanalytic Guidance and Development, and in Administrative Leadership and Supervision. She has worked extensively in New York, the mid-west and Europe.



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