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Understanding Your Choice by Etta D. Jackson

Understanding Your Choice

by Etta D. Jackson

269 pages
An unveiling of a comprehensive presentation of the Arcane Mysteries

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
The collective cry of humanity is causing the renting of the veil of ignorance which has hidden from view or consciousness the next phase of the Divine Plan. Mankind has developed the sight necessary to penetrate the veil of appearances giving him insight into his erroneous patterns of thinking which are responsible for his agony and pain.

The Ancient Mysteries have long held the deep knowledge that mankind needed at each stage of his evolving personal and collective journey. The many rounds of planetary cycles have ushered humanity safely and progressively along the path of his physical, emotional and mental evolution. This makes him ready for the unveiling in this Aquarian Age and capable of grasping the revelations and the explosive streams of knowledge to be infused into the personal and planetary vehicles of humanity. These revelations or occult secrets will uncover and unfold to humanity his true origin and his glorious destiny.

In Understanding Your Choice, the reader will be presented with new angles from which to contemplate many of the questions he has asked himself regarding the larger issues of life, like: Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? What Am I Here To Do? Where Am I Going? He will and must find his own answers.

This information exist in many wonderful volumes present in esoteric and occult libraries and given out in Mystery Schools around the world. Never before, however, will the reader be able to find some of the most ancient knowledge covered in an easy to read, concise volume as this. A volume presented in such a way that in seven chapters, seven major areas of concern and interest are introduced and dealt with in a substantive way to cause him to want to pursue his quest for self-knowledge more avidly.
References to books and affiliations to Ageless Wisdom Mystery Schools are provided for the reader’s further development in a timely fashion. The occult sciences of the Hermetic and Judaic Qabalah provide the conveyance for this Mystery. This traditional science is called the mathematics of human thought and the algebra of faith. It solves all problems of the soul as equations by isolating the unknowns; this occult science gives ideas, the clarity and rigorous exactness of numbers. Its result for the mind are infallibility, and for the heart, profound peace. The characteristics necessary to succeed in this study are a correctness of judgment and a great independence of mind. One must rid oneself of all prejudice and pre-conceived notions and become as Christ said, as a little child, without which, he cannot enter the kingdom of “Malkuth”, which is the kingdom of knowledge.

The reader will discover that there are sufficiently unanswered questions purposely not provided to which only his personal journey can provide the answers. This book will make him want to seek the answers that will reveal to him the knowledge of God, which is also the knowledge of himself.


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About the Author
Etta D. Jackson Etta has had a deep knowing of the inner meaning of life since her early childhood. She holds a B.A. in Biological Science, a M.S. in Psychoanalytic Counseling and Development and another M.S. in Administrative Leadership and Supervision in Education. She is a mother and grandmother.



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