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Outlined in Black by Du Sharboneau

Outlined in Black

by Du Sharboneau

216 pages
A captive woman survives by taking care of the enemy.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
1939 was not the time for a young American woman to be living in Germany. It was not the time to be working at a Jewish-owned factory either.

When the Gestapo's black car, the Nazi flags fluttering, pulled up to Thelma's apartment, there was no time to say, "I'm an American." She was arrested along with her Jewish neighbors.

The fluke which kept her from being trucked to a concentration camp also enabled her to spend the war years helping and making a home for wounded German soldiers.

Her eyes were opened to the atrocities of war and the sufferings of people caught up in it. No longer was she an American or a recent German citizen; but a compassionate and giving person trying to comfort the victims of a country gripped in the clutches of a ruthless leader.


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About the Author
Du Sharboneau was in her teens during the Second World War. In America, as in Germany, the shortages, fears, loneliness and uncertainties were the same. Du draws from her own experiences in dealing with the social and cultural shifts that were set in motion shape by this world war.



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