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A Rerun Fading by D. Steven Russell

A Rerun Fading

by D. Steven Russell

340 pages
A Muslim detective hunts serial killers, finding love, angel, Allah.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Red moons and pink deserts hue and bury the centuries of man. Humans are flesh and spirit—flickers—in the harvest of time. We learn and repeat history, yet, without pain, do we see the rerun fading?

Each reader will discern vivid character and detail where there is none. Violence will burn hot in a Refiner’s fire, yet some will not feel it. It is white smoke and minimalist stroke of the writer’s brush. An “accumbent cheval glass” of sparkling eternity reflects the true nature of this work.

Churches have magnificent veneer, yet evil arises each day to walk and devour the earth as though there were no accountable hour. But, there is. And the teachable pure-in-heart remain God’s chosen: Muslim, woman, Jew, Hindu, sinner, Christian, gay. Churches would not recognize the new prophet. They never have. Beyond church walls—in the street—is heaven’s real providence.

Adrienne Tylar is a Muslim detective who enters the forge with an ore of unusual power. Seven friends sculpt the pillars of her calling and a capricious angel is the servant that leads them through destiny.

Arrogant flesh seeks damnation or salvation as it always has. Death ends flesh, but judgment is Wisdom’s sickle. Brokenness determines where Wisdom stacks her sheaves. We cannot see our purpose, or that of our passing neighbor. Vapid, gray lives seem like reruns, but they are not.

If you have lost hope that humans are worth redeeming, have found yourself alone, or have replaced innocence with cynicisms, read freely…and read to the END. You may find that hopelessness and lost faith melt the ore and light your path through A Rerun Fading.


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About the Author
Raised on a farm in western Kansas, D. Steven Russell now lives in New Orleans, LA. Russell dabbled in journalism at the University of Kansas, but got an MPA. An affinity for music & poetry resonates in the tone of his writing, "No Time for , s" and "A Rerun Fading."



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