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The Throwaway Wife Fights Back: A Lawyer's Personal Handbook to End His Unfair Advantage by Peter Borromeo and Hal Chase, Jr.

The Throwaway Wife Fights Back: A Lawyer's Personal Handbook to End His Unfair Advantage

by Peter Borromeo and Hal Chase, Jr.

148 pages
divorce advice for women

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About the Book
Do you want to reclaim your future?

You planned a life together together. You, your husband, and the children filled that life. But it came crashing down when your husband said, "There's no easy way to say this, I want a divorce." Another woman, a mid-life crisis, whatever the reasons, that world is gone.

Simple things like writing a check to pay the mortgage. The car payments you automatically assumed would be paid, saving for the kids' college, the vacation, you don't know where the money is going to come from.

The promise that he made to be together "till death do us part," were just words. There is no commitment. No belonging. The "best friend" you married turned out to be a cold stranger. What do you do?

As an attorney of 28 years I have represented women who have been termed "throwaway wives." No longer having any value, their husbands throw them away.

The good news is the story doesn't have to end with that bleak ending. You can decide that "He is not going to throw me away!"

You’ve decided to fight back. This book will show you how. It's a manual on how to take back your life and reclaim your future. Here's what the book will address.

Chapter 1 - The Most Important Decision You Must Make.

Chapter 2 - Are You Protecting Yourself?

Chapter 3 - Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?

Chapter 4 - Have You Relinquished Control?

Chapter 5 - Will You Have Credit After the Divorce?

Chapter 6 - Who Will Speak for You?

Chapter 7 - Do You Know How the Game is Played?

Chapter 8 - Is Your Perception Costing You?

Chapter 9 - Do You Know the Attitudes That Will Hurt You?

Chapter 10 - "Prenups", "Postnups" and Marital Settlements
Agreements-- Do You Know What You Need To Be Careful Of?

Chapter 11 - When Things Go Wrong Do You Know How To Deal

I've laid this book out so you know exactly what to do.It's easy to read. I've purposely got rid of legalese. I give you -step-by step and a "to do" list to make it happen.My goal is to make sure you obtain enough information to navigate the legal system. You must know how to protect your interests and make wise decisions.This book will help you stand up for yourself, learn how to fight, and overcome the divorce obstacle.

In the martial arts, a straight punch delivered with power to vulnerable parts of the body is more effective than flying kicks, acrobatics and fancy techniques that may miss. My divorce advice in this book will be like that punch.It's to the point resulting in maximum "blunt force" trauma.

With this book you will learn to reverse the unfair advantage your soon-to-be ex-husband holds when he ambushed you. You will know what it takes to level the divorce legal playing field.You can "reclaim" your future.


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About the Author
Hal Chase, Jr.

Hal Chase's philosophy of seeking to negotiate from a position of strength has benefited his clients. His 28 years in the legal "trenches" have given him the ability to share invaluable wisdom to those in desperate need.

Peter Borromeo

Peter Borromeo is a counselor and writer.



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