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Angela's Book by Angela Hoy

Angela's Book

by Angela Hoy

156 pages
Considering Divorce? Are you frightened? So were we! This book features horrific yet informative stories from 27 divorced women. Includes: custody, child support, protective orders, parental kidnapping, welfare, shelters, food stamps, affordable legal aid, Divorce Psychosis, emotional and physical abuse, brainwashing of children, and more!

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About the Book

Considering Divorce? Are you frightened? So were we!

This book features horrific yet informative
stories from 27 divorced women.

Learn what we wish we'd known before we embarked on this frightening yet liberating path to happiness! Includes stories about:

+ Leaving for only 24 hours could result in loss of custody!
+ Parental kidnappings happen every day
+ When Daddy tells lies about Mommy (and vice-versa)
+ Joint custody may lead to loss of custody
+ Divorce Psychosis
+ Protective orders
+ Temporary child support
+ Welfare, shelter, food stamps and affordable legal aid
+ Things to hide or destroy NOW

Also includes: The "amicable" or "do-it-yourself" divorce can have devastating consequences; He may already have a lawyer (and be setting you up!); When he says "you don't need a lawyer", you do!; Hiring a paralegal to save money; When the father chooses money over his own children; The alcoholic/drug addict spouse; Psychological abuse; When he threatens to "commit" you; Post-divorce litigation (changing the child support order); Collecting back child support and more!

More than 500 women this year alone have already been murdered by their partners. None of those women thought it could happen to them!

Think your partner will remain civil during the divorce process? Think again! Assume the worst, because that's probably what you're going to get.

Take steps to protect yourself and your children TODAY!


(Angela Hoy's) gripping account of what she and her vulnerable children suffered in their Texas home may set the standard for defining the phrase, "living nightmare." The reflection that a once-na´ve Hoy invested on her situation prompted this collection of essays by other women.

The value of the book also lies in the vitally necessary advice it dispenses about avoiding legal pitfalls that could result in the losses of child custody, financial settlements and future peace of mind. The vicarious experience of learning about character assassination, protective orders and how to seek and save specific documents that can salvage ruined lives is a precious contribution to society.

Buy it for yourself or a needy friend. It may become one of the most worthwhile things you ever do.
- Yocheved Golani, Yocheved's Bookshelf
Angela Hoy writes from her own experiences before, during, and after her divorce. She writes honestly; it takes guts to put on paper what her and her children have been through. She covers every conceivable scenario that women may encounter during their own divorce process, not leaving anything to chance.
- Joan McCaffrey


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About the Author
Angela Hoy

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