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Relaxing With The Muse - Ending Writer's Block by James E. Morris, MSEd.

Relaxing With The Muse - Ending Writer's Block

by James E. Morris, MSEd.

31 pages
End writer's block and jump start your imagination

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About the Book
This manual is designed to help you overcome that bane of all authors, writer’s block, while offering a special way to be creative.

Suffering writer's block is frustrating, time consuming and, I'm sorry to say, happens all too often. It can play havoc with a deadline. It can cripple creativity. It can even cast doubt on being a writer.

We can overcome this debilitating problem, however, once we recognize its basic source. That is, writer’s block is usually a result of stress that is overwhelming our creative aptitude. Too much stress and we start to function on a more basic level in order to carry on our daily lives. Higher forms of thinking suffer because of this.

Relaxing With The Muse was conceived to help deal with that stress specifically for writers. It starts with simple exercises and builds to a unique way of acquiring new information hidden in the recesses of our imagination. The system is fun and eye opening. You will be amazed at the personal discoveries you will make.

The manual is concise and easy to learn. It will not overwhelm you with a lot of useless information just to fill pages. It is designed to help create new and practical skills. And one of the great things about discovering these new abilities is finding out that they are useful in all aspects of our lives, not just writing.

Read this book today and find out how to stay resourceful, even ingenious, in your ability to never be long at loss for new and exceptional ideas.


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About the Author
Jim Morris has been a counseling psychologist for over 25 years. Early in his career, he discovered the benefits of stress inoculation for the initial stages of almost all of his counseling. He now uses advanced techniques including NLP.



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