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Angel 54: A Mother's Sacred Journey from Grief to Healing by Renee Pisarz

Angel 54: A Mother's Sacred Journey from Grief to Healing

by Renee Pisarz

72 pages
Healing from grief. Believe in miracles. Unconditional love does not die.

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Category: Self Help:Grief
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About the Book
Life is a mystery. I always believed death was so final. You might say I was "in the box." On February 18, 2006 I changed forever. My son Stephen, at the age of 18, left this physical realm suddenly. We are never prepared for such a devastating tragedy. This deep loss spawned my spiritual awakening, igniting that "divine spark within." From tragedy and grief, I raised my awareness and trusted the unknown.

Unconditional love does not die. Open your heart. Trust your intuition. Consider that there may be more dimensions of existence than just the earth-plane. I hope you will experience these miracles, too, become more aware, raise your level of consciousness and heal from so much pain.

I will share with you my journey from grief to healing....


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About the Author
Renee Pisarz, a mother first, then a real estate sales professional in Westchester County, New York, and now, an author sharing a miracle of life. She survived her grief by accepting the spiritual realm. Stepping outside the box of her belief system, surrendering without fear, and having faith in what was unfolding, Renee was able to answer the question, "How will I get through another day without my son?"



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