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Forgotten Tears: A Grandmother's Journey Through Grief by Nina Bennett

Forgotten Tears: A Grandmother's Journey Through Grief

by Nina Bennett

144 pages
An intimate portrayal of the grief journey of grandparents.

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Category: Self Help:Grief
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About the Book

Forgotten Tears is a unique and honest portrayal of a grandmother's grief journey following the stillbirth of her granddaughter. Our death fearing and death denying society perpetuates the sense of isolation felt by grandparents, who tend to be viewed primarily as a source of support to their bereaved child. A distinctive feature of this book is the validation of grandparents as mourners in their own right. Along with quotes from leading grief authorities, writer Nina Bennett, a bereaved grandmother and healthcare professional, offers an intimate perspective on the process of redefining normal in a life forever changed by the death of a grandchild.

Forgotten Tears reviews the traditional stages and theories of grief and also contains personal accounts from bereaved grandparents on various aspects of their grief journey. Although the main emphasis is on miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn death, the exploration of the grief process is applicable to the death of a grandchild at any age. The focus of the book is on the depth and intensity of the grief experienced by grandparents. Forgotten Tears challenges the very concept of resolution and openly discusses the belief that grief is an ongoing,lifelong process.

Numerous suggestions for coping and ways to memorialize deceased grandchildren are offered. Although nobody willingly embarks on this journey, it does present the opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Learning to make peace with the pain enables grandparents to honor their grandchild by reinvesting emotional energy in the joy of living.


The book is clinically accurate and current, incorporating material from leading experts on bereavement as well as anecdotal experiences gathered from other bereaved grandparents, so that it will appeal to clinicians as well as members of the lay public. I have listed this book on the pages of my Grief Healing Web site (...) as one I highly recommend to my site visitors, clients and colleagues.
- Martha Tousley, APRN, BC, CT


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About the Author

Nina Bennett, whose educational background is in psychology, was a childbirth educator for nearly ten years. She currently works in the HIV/AIDS field, where she has been employed since the early days of the epidemic. A healthcare professional and frequently requested guest lecturer, Nina presents talks and workshops locally and nationally. Her articles have appeared in newsletters and magazines such as Different Kind of Parenting, Angels, and Living Well Journal.



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