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Create Perfect Moments Condensed by Emerald Hart

Create Perfect Moments Condensed

by Emerald Hart

76 pages
Streamlined, loving direction for the fast-tracking spiritualist through humor.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
Streamlined intervention for the fast-tracking spiritualist presented through humor and Divine Love. Regardless of faith or culture, everyone wants to experience perfect moments. Why not expand perfect moments to become your perfect lifestyle?

Emerald Hart simplifies the Law of Attraction and Lesson of Mirrors through responsible stewardship to engineer and orchestrate lifestyle management. This handy booklet is the condensed version of Create Perfect Moments.

Calibration links create extraordinary centering and focus to manage activities and effects through life in humanity as a physical being. The power of prayer is taken to a new level.

Broadening perspectives shift conditioned perceptions. Expanding vistas and connecting to limitless possibilities brings the meaning of awareness to a new level for the practitioner. Living and creating in a Cosmic Gel simplifies manifestation, as the God Stuff is well-managed and lifestyle contentment is stabilized. Guarantee your own satisfaction - create the life you imagine as your tangible experience.

Change your mind Change your life. Love yourself more.


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About the Author
As a thirty year devotee of holistic principles and metaphysical paradigms, the author sifted through western and eastern philosophies to demonstrate her abundant lifestyle. Her books humorously share those observations and outcomes. Emerald Hart keeps readers mindful of Love through the sacred heart chakras.



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