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The Writer's Secret: MasterMind Your Way to Publishing Success by Jennifer Sander and JT Long

The Writer's Secret: MasterMind Your Way to Publishing Success

by Jennifer Sander and JT Long

41 pages
Use this powerful secret and see your work in print.

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About the Book
What do prolific bestselling authors like J. K. Rowling, Danielle Steel and Mark Victor Hansen know that talented wordsmiths striving to put out their first book or magazine article donít? Is there a secret that turns struggling writers into published authors?

Yes, and the transformational step so many writers miss is as easy as reaching out to your fellow writers with a strategic plan that allows everyone to achieve greatness beyond their wildest dreams. The powerful process to end procrastination and put you on the path to publishing success requires you to tap into the strength of collective wisdom. You donít have to struggle alone. A MasterMind Group of like-minded writers working together to hold each other accountable, share resources and celebrate success can dramatically shorten the journey from idea to bookstore while making the process a lot more fun. Does it work?
The team approach was the crucial step that put the two authors on their way to publishing success. Jennifer Sander, a bestselling author who has written more than 50 books, including The Complete Idiotís Guide to Getting Published, credits much of her success to the motivation of a mentor who challenged her to do more. JT Long, a magazine writer and editor launched a national career after forming a networking group that encouraged and facilitated her transition onto a larger, more profitable stage.
In addition to speeding up the writing process, a well-run MasterMind Group removes the isolation that leaves many writers feeling trapped in their home offices with only a blank screen for company. As a member of a brain trust filled with sympathetic and experienced authors, feedback is only a phone call, email or meeting away. No more excuses. No more missed deadlines. No more ďif onlyĒ.
This practical, step-by-step guide includes everything you need to know about how to form, run and get the most out of your MasterMind Group. Read the real stories of writers who found their muse in a group of veteran authors willing to share their hard-earned lessons. Use the worksheets to determine the best time, place and people to include in your personal support network. Learn the simple four-step MasterMIND Power Process that will teach you to avoid time-wasting motivation killers by keeping meetings focused, positive and results-oriented. Use the power of a writing community to achieve publishing success.


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About the Author
Jennifer Basye Sander is a former Senior Editor at Random House and the co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published.

JT Long is a longtime magazine editor and freelance writer. This is their first book together.



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