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The Wise Pet Owner - How To Save Money On Your Pet's Healthcare by Dr. Doug Kenney

The Wise Pet Owner - How To Save Money On Your Pet's Healthcare

by Dr. Doug Kenney

30 pages
how to save money on pet healthcare expenses

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About the Book
I decided to write this book because as a veterinarian I have a unique vantage point that pet owners do not have. Every day I see pets that are injured or sick and experiencing pain or suffering needlessly. I see pets die that shouldn’t have, and the terrible grief that it causes among family members. I see clients that are faced with an estimate of sometimes thousands of dollars to cover the hospitalization, diagnostic tests, surgery and treatment of unexpected problems, and they suddenly realize that they don’t have the money pay for it. Sadly, this can cause them to select sub-optimal treatment or even “economic” euthanasia. I believe that pet owners would be shocked to know how many patients I see and treat every week for an accident or illness that could have easily been prevented if they had just known or followed the advice I give in this book. Therefore, my desire is to help pet owners become wise pet owners because:
• Wise pet owners save money on the healthcare of their pet by taking specific steps to keep their pet healthy and prevent problems that result in unexpected and unplanned visits to their veterinarian.
• Wise pet owners realize the importance of developing a long-lasting relationship with a veterinarian and his or her staff with the goal of keeping their pet healthy and enjoying many happy years together through planned wellness visits.
• Wise pet owners make financial preparations before the need arises for those diseases and problems that aren’t preventable or for those accidents that occur despite their best efforts to avoid them. Suggestions are given that many pet owners may not be aware of that could help them pay for the healthcare needs of their pet.

Table of Contents

Are You A Wise Pet Owner?
• The wise pet owner defined
• Specific steps wise pet owners take to keep their pet healthy and save money on veterinary care
• Contains active hyperlinks to web pages with additional information where applicable

It’s All About Relationships
• The importance of developing long-lasting relationships with people and businesses whose services we use during our lifetime with examples from my own life and how this applies to the relationship between pet owners and their veterinarian
• The benefits to the pet owner and their pet of developing such a relationship with a veterinarian and his or her staff

What’s All This Talk About Wellness?
• Examples of how wellness care can help pets live longer, have a better quality of life, and save pet owners money at the same time


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About the Author
Dr. Kenney graduated in 1977 from the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. After practicing briefly in North Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi, he has been practicing small animal medicine and surgery at Frayser Raleigh Animal Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee since 1982. His main interest is wellness care and preventative medicine. He also has an interest in pet health insurance and how it can be beneficial to veterinarians, pet owners, and their pets.



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