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Proper Mortgage Planning in Lehman's Terms by Daniel Lehman

Proper Mortgage Planning in Lehman's Terms

by Daniel Lehman

176 pages
A consumers guide to the mortgage market and mortgage planning.

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Category: Reference:Homebuying And Building
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About the Book
Educate and empower yourself with the knowledge you need to successfully navigate the mortgage market. Understand the mortgage planning process from start to finish, and learn how to apply important concepts to your personal situation.

Discover the answers to questions such as:

- What causes interest rates to go up and down?
- What are mortgage backed securities, and how can understanding them help you get a better interest rate?
- Why is it that when the Fed cuts rates, mortgage rates don't automatically drop?
- Who are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and what are their roles in the secondary market?
- How can you easily determine what size loan you would qualify for?
- What are the factors a bank looks at when determining approval or denial of an application?

In the mortgage planning section, learn concepts like:

- How to match your personal financial goals with a loan program that makes sense
- The relationship between your timeline, and the decision of whether or not to pay points
- How to calculate your "blended rate" to minimize overall interest expense
- The importance of integrating your mortgage plan with your overall financial plan using a mortgage portfolio mentality
- The new definition of "paying off your mortgage" and how to do so in a fraction of the time with no double payments, or changes to spending habits.

A mortgage expert and successful mortgage planning consultant, Daniel Lehman will take you through his educational process, outlining everything from basic mortgage market principles to complex planning strategies. This book is your complete guide to mortgage planning, "In Lehman's Terms."


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About the Author
Daniel P. Lehman is a mortgage expert and successful mortgage planner. He uses a mortgage portfolio theory to tie his clients home and mortgage into their overall financial goals. Daniel lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and two children.



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