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Death & Circumstance by Clinton Sivert

Death & Circumstance

by Clinton Sivert

164 pages
A novel about murder and intrigue at a state university.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
About the Book
It's the eve of commencement and Normal State University has a suspicious death on its hands. The body of a female student has been discovered in a professor’s home. The ensuing investigation by Susan Shepherd introduces us to an arrogant professor, a rogue campus cop, and a university president who will do anything to suppress bad news. Detective Shepherd isn’t as educated as her suspects. She relies on common sense. But her discovery of secret sex tapes threatens to undermine the credibility of everyone involved - including herself. Now students, parents and faculty are asking if commencement will go ahead as scheduled, if the professor will be charged and if the university can continue to be “Number One for Student Life at a Public University.” The future of Normal State is on the line.


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About the Author
Clinton Sivert lives and works in a Midwestern university town very much like the one in his novel Death & Circumstance.



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