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Old Music by M J Melneck

Old Music

by M J Melneck

260 pages
Murder, tough love and redemption in a wild Montana ride.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
OLD MUSIC is a Class V rapids trip through a Montana you only thought you knew. Murder, tough love and redemption. Grit and poetry; love and hate. Characters who bring the place and time to vibrant life.

Earl Lomax, studio musician, once Nashville's "Mr. Good Times," killed a man and went to prison in Montana. 26 years later, he still has a wife, and a son he's never met. Now he's dying. The State of Montana wants him released, he just wants to take a bus back to Nashville, and Max Haliburton wants him dead—now.

As Jesse works through meeting his father, Irene, Jesse's mother and still Earl's wife, fights her own fears, thinking she has a helping partner in Max. But Max Haliburton is a dirty lawyer with a dirty agenda. He hires amateurs to kill Earl, then hires a professional contract hitter to clean up the mess when he learns Earl will die soon anyway. With Earl out of the way, Max has access to Irene, and, through her, to her family's vast land and mineral wealth.

Jesse confronts his father, and the two men begin a fragile test — how much to tell, how much to trust. And through all this Jesse has to appease Irene, who fears all she never knew, all she put away, and all she might have to face.

There is power in the river and mountains, poetry in the days, and there is love and hate at every turn. OLD MUSIC is a tapestry of solid characters and brisk action, a mosaic of time and place, of will and devotion. What you learn as you meet Earl, Jesse, Irene, Max and their friends and enemies, will stay with you for a very long time.



About the Author
M J Melneck M J Melneck was born in Wyoming and grew up across Montana, from Missoula to Miles City. His short fiction, essays, reviews and other writings appear widely. He and his wife, Pat, live in Montana, where he writes and teaches.



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