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by James E. Morris, MSEd.

107 pages
Personalized stop smoking program with stress therapy

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About the Book
Welcome and congratulations on your choice to live your life free of tobacco!

You have taken a big step towards living a longer, healthier and a much happier life! The days ahead will not be without difficulty but your perseverance and this manual will take you through the rough times and help you set up a life without a need for tobacco. What you do need most at this time is the desire to succeed. It doesn't matter if this is your first time to quit smoking or your hundredth - if you want it to happen, it will!

This manual will take you through a system that starts with the basics and evolves into the more complicated aspects of quitting tobacco – all at your own pace and personalized just for you.

You must have a solid foundation of purpose and the will to back it up before you attempt to stop smoking. This doesn't mean that you already know everything that will happen to you when you quit - this manual will help you with that. It does mean that you will agree to take a systematic and considerate approach to stop smoking as it pertains to your daily life.

In this program, you will prove to yourself that you can quit smoking by controlling other, easier behaviors, first. The program is set up in two sections: Preparation and the day-by-day Maintenance section.

In the preparation section, you will find ways to change any habit, how to understand the various "triggers" that urge you to use tobacco, relaxation techniques that ease stress without chemicals, how to reward yourself without creating more dependencies and other practical ways to prepare for a smokeless life.

The maintenance section starts with Freedom Day, the first day of your smokeless life, and continues for the next twenty-eight days. This is the most crucial time for anyone quitting tobacco. When you make it to the end of twenty-eight days, you have the whole process under control. During this time, you will practice what you learned during preparation week and many things that may be happening to you will be explained as well as additional methods of dealing with them.

As you proceed, look at the sections as not only guides to prepare you for stop smoking but also as a companion to be with you as you actually quit smoking. You will want to continue to use them as a reference. In fact, the maintenance section is designed to be used over and over again for as long as you need it.

NIC-STOP has also been called a Free Air Clinic. Why? Simply because nicotine addiction is viewed a kind of invisible jail that is more controlling and harsh than anything made out of concrete and steel bars. The day you quit smoking for good is truly your Freedom Day!



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About the Author
Jim Morris has been in the counseling field since 1984. He has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, specializing in substance abuse therapy. He is an ex-smoker who quit smoking completely utilizing techniques found in this manual.



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