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The Secret to Abundance by Ann Miller, M.Ed.

The Secret to Abundance

by Ann Miller, M.Ed.

92 pages
Unlock the secret to abundance in every area of your life with this breakthrough workbook - use it fully and will change your life forever!

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Category: Self Help:Success
About the Book
Life's adventure is too short to waste on thoughts and deeds that are anything less than life-affirming, positive and fruitful.

This breakthrough "workbook" reveals the true nature of abundance and the secret that will give it to you NOW and let you keep it, nurture it and grow it FOREVER! What's more, you'll be able to transmit it to others - to those you love and care about - both by example (you) and by sharing the ideas presented by Ann Miller, a gifted teacher and spiritual guide.

With more than two decades of elementary school teaching as a launching pad, Ann Miller has moved into a new dimension and now fully devotes herself to the improvement of the planet - one human being at a time.

The Secret to Abundance is easy to read, and concise exercises, "tip sheets" and "guides to living make the secret both easy to remember and fun to apply in your life.

So read it now, live it as you learn it, and pass it on to those around you. Put The Secret to Abundance to work in your life and watch your life change - for the better!


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About the Author
Ann Miller, M.Ed. A teacher of children for many years, Ann Miller, M.Ed., now devotes her life to teaching adults the secrets of an abundant life - now and henceforth. This book, written in words you can wrap your heart around, could change your life!



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